Arc Glider


The perfect addition to your Putting Arc, the Arc Glider ensures that the face of your putter is always square to the arc of the Putting Arc.  It also eliminates the need to watch the putter face during the stroke.

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  • The Arc Glider is a small, plastic device that is attached to the face of the putter and allows the golfer to feel what the putter feels like when the putter-face stays square to the arc.

    • This is a great training aid for teaching the putting stroke to beginning golfers of all ages. They get an immediate feel for correct club-face alignment during the putting stroke.

      • When we first introduced the Arc Glider, Jason Dufner gave it a good test and a great testimonial while he was still on the Tour, and before he became a major champion.

        • This is also a great teaching tool for the accomplished golfer who has a hard time of getting the feel of a putter face that is square to this/her arc, or does not want to look at the putter-face during the putting stroke.