Golf Coach Special

Golf Coach Special

$399.95 $259.95

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Product Description

The Putting Arc has put together a package of golf-training devices that will help a team at any level, high school or college.


The Golf Coach Special consists of the following products:
1 MS-3D Putting Arc,
1 MSIII Putting Arc,
1 Putting Arc Folding Mirror,
1 “Putting Arc Stoke” DVD,
4 T3 Putting Arcs, and
4 Putting Arc Gliders.
You get all of this for the low price of $259.95 with free shipping!  This saves you $140 off the retail price and is enough to get all of your team working on better putting!  For years The Putting Arc has supplied many college and high school teams with their go-to training devices.  Many of the best know golf instructors use The Putting Arc products in their training facilities.