The Laser Putter Aligner


The Laser Putter Aligner allows a golfer to practice and perfect his ability to align his putterface with his target. A mirror is attached to the putter (it will work with any kind of putter), and the 13″ by 30″ target is placed against a wall with the laser mounted behind the target. A small switch and cord are used to activate the laser, either by the golfer or by his instructor. The golfer stands about 8′ from the target, and either activates the switch or signals to the instructor that he has his putter aligned. The switch is activated and a laser beam is reflected from the mirror back to the target, and the number on the target is the amount of mis-alignment in inches. This is repeated 10 times and the numbers are then totaled. A score of under 10 is very good, and it can be achieved with practice. This device is very accurate since the laser travels 16′ when the target is 8′ from the target. This allows the golfer to get used to looking at a very precisely aligned putterface, and to quickly check when his alignment is off. Similar devices have been on the market with prices ranging from $200 to $400, but this is the first one offered for under $150.

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  • The Laser Putter Aligner (LPA) is a golf training aid that allows a golfer to practice perfect putter-face initial alignment quickly, accurately and efficiently in the comfort of his/her own home. If done every day for a few minutes, the golfer will have absolute confidence in his/her ability to accurately aim the putter where he/she wants.

    • It is also a very accurate way to compare different putters and accurately quantify the alignment accuracy of each putter. Different style putters with different balance points and offsets, as well as dominant eye variations all combine to determine a golfers ability to align a given putter. The LPA allows a golfer to select the one which has the best alignment numbers for him/her.

      • The Laser Putter Aligner consists of a 12″ x 24″ corrugated plastic target, a hard wired, battery operated dot laser and switch, a steel mount for the laser, a plastic practice target hole, a through-drilled golf ball for a realistic image when practicing the line-up drill, and an instruction sheet with pictures.

        • This is very a very accurate way to measure your alignment talent. The mirror means that the laser travels 16′ when the ball is 8′ from the target.

          • Competitive laser products that attach to the putter itself alter the feel and look of the putter. Also, their accuracy is dependent upon the concentricity of the laser with the mount and the attachment means for the laser mount.

            • This is a great device for the golfer who wants to make golf his/her profession and for the putter fitter who wants to sell a putter that best fits the alignment requirements of the prospective buyer.


            To use the LPA, assemble the LPA per the instructions and proceed as follows:

            a. Attach the small mirror to the putter face using the two sided tape on the back of the mirror
            b. Place the hollow golf ball eight feet from the target
            c. Adjust the laser until the laser beam shines through the hole in the ball
            d. Place the practice hole in front of the target, and centered with the target and laser.
            e. Place the putter behind the ball and test the switch. Adjust the laser until the laser dot reflects off of the mirror and shows up on the target.
            f. Hold the wire and switch in one hand and align the putter with the target hole and the center of the target, or have someone hold the switch for you.
            g. When you feel you are correctly aligned, depress the switch or ask your helper to do this. Record the number where the spot hits the target.
            h. Do this 10 times and total up your score. A score of 10 or under is your goal, and this means you are aiming within about one and one half inch from your intended target at 16′
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