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Big Moss Competitor V2 Practice Green


Now you can challenge yourself with progressively smaller holes while building your confidence and aiming abilities. Each Competitor Series green includes a 2”, 3”, and regulation size cup with plugs for each hole included. Putting at progressively smaller holes is a proven mental technique that has been used by professional golfers for years. Size : 3′ x 9′ Comes with: Backstop, 2 Limited Flight Chipping Balls, Chipping Mat, Break Pads, flag stick, cup sleeve, and  Manual


The Major Changes Are:

  • A new wrinkle free rubber backed surface that is approximately 28% heavier, lays flat even over carpeting. No more bubbling or bunching!
  • New Higher density Removable Foundation that allows you to practice dead flat putts if desired.
  • New Break Pads to simulate 100’s of Terrain variations
  • New Stadium Backstop that wraps around and pins in place with golf tees
  • Upgraded Chipping Mat
  • New Cup sleeves and Flag Bases for all Regulation sized cups
  • The configurations remain unchanged
Weight 18 lbs
Dimensions 38 × 10 × 10 in

Commander Series Putting & Chipping Green (3 sizes)

$428.99 – $628.99

Choose from:

  • 2′ x 15′   compact
  • 3′ x 15′   full-sized
  • 4′ x 15′  oversized



The Commander (2ft x 15ft 1 cup)

The Commander (3 ft x 15ft 1 cup)

The Commander (4 ft x 15ft 1 cup)

Big Moss Golf’s All New Patio Series Indoor/Outdoor Premium Putting & Chipping Green

2 x 15′ model:   The putting surface is 2′ x 12′ and the chipping apron is a 2′ x 3′ foot extension making the total length of the green 2′ x 15′.

3 x 15′ model:  The putting surface is 3′ x 12′ and the chipping apron is a 3′ x 3′ foot extension making the total length of the green 3′ x 15′.

4 x 15′ model:  The putting surface is 3′ x 12′ and the chipping apron is a 3′ x 3′ foot extension making the total length of the green 4′ x 15′.

As with all Big Moss Golf products, quality is our #1 goal.

The Commander is suited for both indoor and outdoor use. This green is manufactured from the finest materials available to us and was designed with input from The PGA’s top teaching professionals and tour players in order to create the most realistic at-home practice experience. Big Moss Putting Greens are the only portable putting mats that have holes deep enough to see the ball drop in just like it does on the golf course.

We spared no expense when creating this fun, realistic, safe, & portable putting mat that will stand up against all of Mother Nature’s elements. You can leave it out year-round. The Commander will provide hours of practice and entertainment for you and your family in an outdoor setting without the high expense of installing and maintaining a permanent green in your yard. This green is perfect on your deck, poolside, driveway, garage, man-cave, family room, or just laying down somewhere in your yard.  Put it anywhere you have space to practice.

Constructed of the finest 15 year outdoor rated putting turf specially made to simulate the finest putting surfaces available. The surface rolls pure and true like all Big Moss surfaces and has a Stimpmeter rating of 11. The 5 mm high-density closed-cell foam backing ensures unmatched durability. This green will easily last longer than 10 years and hold up to abuse better than any surface on the market.

The Commander ships in 2 pieces and can be assembled in just a few minutes.  The secondary foam foundation provides for cup depth just as our standard products and has a slightly ramping plateau allowing the ball to fall into a cup so we can receive the same realistic feedback experienced on the golf course.

The Commander will also ship with a stadium-style backstop, spring-loaded flagstick, white cup sleeve, custom-fit chipping area/apron, and brake pads.



Commander 2′ x 15′ green specs:

Weight 24 lbs
Dimensions 26 × 14 × 14 in


Commander 3′ x 15′ green specs:

Weight 38 lbs
Dimensions 38 × 14 × 14 in


Commander 4′ x 15′ green specs:

Weight 52 lbs
Dimensions 48 × 14 × 14 in

Home Putt Portable Golf Putting Mat


Home Putt is the perfect portable golf putting mat for golfers of all skill levels. It is small enough to fit in your car or office, yet it is made with state-of-the-art turf that can withstand even the most vigorous putting strokes.


  • Compact and portable design
  • Durable state-of-the-art turf
  • Perfect for practicing at home, in the office, or on the go
  • Helps you improve your putting accuracy and consistency


  • Increased putting accuracy
  • Improved putting consistency
  • Reduced putting stress
  • Increased putting confidence
  • Convenient and easy to use


Michael Breed’s “Let’s Do This!” Big Moss Putting Mat


The Let’s Do This Training Green is a unique practice green designed by PGA National Teacher of the Year, Michael Breed.  The green is set up for both a right & left handed putting stations. The unique upgraded backstops on the
“Let’s Do This” Green allow for use of The String Drill. This drill allows you to align a string above the intended path of the ball to use for guidance and reference.  The string drill is a fantastic too to use for alignment of the body and putter in the set up. As well as  targeting and guiding the putting stroke itself.  The string drill can be used for both straight and breaking putts.
This package also contains tour proven drills and tips coupled directly with the Michael Breed Golf Academy. Training with Michael’s putting and chipping techniques will directly affect your short game in a positive way.  Improving your technique instills the confidence it takes to consistently shoot lower scores.



  • 3 x10 ft Michael Breed Designed Training Green with 3 cups
  • 2 PVC backstops equipped with a string kit for use with the string drill
  • Chipping Mat
  • 3 Break pads
  • Chipping balls
  • Manual that includes Michael’s Training Tips and Drills


Additional information

Weight 18 lbs
Dimensions 38 × 11 × 11 in

Pelz Player Putting Mat


The Pelz Player Putting Mat is the perfect way to improve your putting game at home. Developed by Dave Pelz, the world renowned short game expert, this mat is based on the same drills and games that he uses with top tour players to help them win major championships.

The mat measures 26″ x 126″ (10.5 feet) and has a rubber backing to ensure a smooth putting surface. It also comes with a foam wedge that can be used for ball return at the end of the mat and for creating breaks.

The mat includes instructions, drills, and tips to help you improve your aim, speed, and distance. It also works with the PELZ Player Putting Cups, which are sold separately.

Improve your putting game and lower your score with the Pelz Player Putting Mat!


  • Developed by Dave Pelz, the world renowned short game expert
  • Based on drills and games that Dave uses with top tour players
  • Measures 26″ x 126″ (10.5 feet)
  • Rubber backing for a smooth putting surface
  • Includes foam wedge for ball return and creating breaks
  • Instructions, drills, and tips to help you improve your aim, speed, and distance
  • Works with PELZ Player Putting Cups (sold separately)


  • Improve your putting accuracy and consistency
  • Lower your scores on the golf course
  • Master putts inside 9 feet
  • Learn the same drills and games that top tour players use
  • Convenient and easy to use


Perfect Practice Putting Mat – 9’6″


The Perfect Practice Putting Mat is the perfect way to improve your putting game at home or on the go. It is a professional-grade mat that features two hole sizes, an integrated auto ball return, train track alignment, and Crystal Velvet Trueroll Technology.


  • Two hole sizes: regulation and reduced
  • Integrated auto ball return
  • Train track alignment
  • Crystal Velvet Trueroll Technology
  • Lightweight and portable design


  • Improve your putting accuracy and consistency
  • Lower your scores on the golf course
  • Master putts inside 9 feet
  • Learn the same drills and games that top tour players use
  • Convenient and easy to use

Order your Perfect Practice Putting Mat today and start improving your putting game!

Here are some additional details about the product:

  • The mat is 9′ 6″ long and 2′ wide, which provides plenty of space to practice your putting.
  • The auto ball return system sends your putts back to you quickly, so you can keep practicing without having to stop and pick up the balls.
  • The train track alignment system helps you improve your stroke and alignment.
  • The Crystal Velvet Trueroll Technology provides a realistic putting surface that rolls true, just like a real green.
  • The mat is lightweight and portable, so you can easily take it with you to the golf course or practice anywhere else.


Well Putt Putting Mat – Classic Green


The 10ft or 13ft Classic Wellputt Mat is loaded with patented designs intended to develop muscle memory of the correct aim and the right touch for any given putt. Training your putting, honing your technique, and dialing in your distance on a mat renowned as the leading scientifically accurate reproduction of a real-life green makes good sense and is like money in the bank!

  • Approved by Cameron McCormick, Coach of Jordan Spieth
  • Multiple visual aids for body and putter head alignment, stroke amplitude, and eye positioning
  • 2 play directions: accuracy & distance control
  • “Good zone – Bad zone” for training pace
  • The roll, speed, and feel of a real-life green at 10/11.5ft stamp
  • Wellputt App for iOS & Android including 50 practice exercises
  • Lifetime guarantee. UV resistant. Easy to clean, easy to store


The Putting Arc MS-3D




Based on the original Putting Arc MSIII the new MS-3D allows you to use the toe or the heel of the putter for training. It includes an adjustable mirror for feedback on the position of the head and shoulders. The product is an all-weather, light-weight more versatile version of the deluxe wooden model. Weighing only 2.2 pounds, the MS-3D is 33″ in length – enough for a full stroke for most standard length putts.

Because of the durable plastic molding the product is not just more durable, it also costs less. Non-slip pads on the bottom of the product prevent movement and tee-holes are designed for the player who wishes to align the unit and stake it down.

The low center cut of the MS-3D accomodates more putter styles and reminds the player not to lift the putter too much while addressing the ball. Like all Putting Arcs the MS-3D may be used right or left-handed. The instruction sheet for the product may be viewed and printed here.

The Putting Arc is used by the top amateur, junior, college and professional golfers.   Multiple recent USGA national championships have been won by known Putting Arc users.

The Putting Arc MSIII




  • Great putting is not a mysterious art… Great Putting is an Arc
  • Used by over 1400 touring pros worldwide, none of whom were paid to use the Putting Arc.
  • Based upon natural body movement which can be quickly learned and repeated
  • Instructional video is available with over 30 minutes of very educational putting instruction
  • The MSIII is made of durable plastic, weighs only 2 pounds, and is 33 inches long