Putting Stroke Teacher


Improve Your Putting, Lower Your Score! Discover how “The Putting Stroke Teacher” is the perfect training aid to improve every golfer’s scores.

This very simple, user-friendly device is surprisingly effective at improving putting stroke by developing three key fundamentals. This timely golf putting stroke teacher training aid tops the competition at providing a quality and realistic learning experience. It certainly will provide a positive solution to all golfers affected by the rule change announced by the USGA and R & A, that bans anchoring of the putter from the game. 

“The Putting Stroke Teacher” training aid is designed to help golfers learn and practice 3 key fundamentals that are characteristic to all the great putters in the game. Why are these 3 fundamentals important for every golfer to incorporate into their chosen method of swinging a putter?

Fundamental 1 With a golfer in the playing position the line across the top of the forearms as well as across the front of the shoulders must be parallel to the aim line of the putter face.

Benefit: A golfer set up in the playing position will swing their hands and arms in front of their body naturally along the line of the upper body. As a golfer striving for positive results you want as many actions you execute to occur naturally with no manipulation and not too much thought. A golfer that aligns their shoulders other than parallel to the aim line of the putter face will definitely have to compensate someway during the swing to force the putter face back to the correct position at impact. “The Putting Stroke Teacher” helps the golfer to experience the feel of proper alignment for every putt.

Fundamental 2 To consistently roll the ball along the intended aim line the putter head must swing along the correct swing path every time. To repeat the same swing path consistently the golfer must position the putter shaft on the same plane angle for every putt.

Benefit: Benefit: Repeating the same shaft plane angle requires the golfer to set up in the same posture with their arms and hands in the same position for every putt. This naturally produces a repeating swing path of the putter head. “The Putting Stroke Teacher” training aid positions the golfer in the same posture with the same shaft plane angle for every putt. This naturally allows the putter head to swing on a repeating swing path.

Fundamental 3 In a proper putting stroke, a pendulum type swing motion of the putter is created by swinging the putter, hands, arms and shoulders in a single motion with no wrist hinging action.

Benefit: Creating a one piece swing motion with no independent wrist hinging action allows the putter face to remain square to the swing path of the putter head throughout the entire swing motion. This naturally returns the putter face square to the aim line at the point of impact. “The Putting Stroke Teacher” provides instant and effective feed back to the golfer as the rod rests across the top of the forearms. If the golfer ads even the slightest amount of wrist hinging the rod will slide along the forearms providing instant feedback.