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Bee Line Putting String


The Bee Line golf putting string provides a simple, portable way to practice most of the important elements of your putting stroke. The major aspects which can be addressed using the Bee Line putting aid are path, face angle, set-up and alignment, line reading, and stroke speed.

The Bee Line alignment aid is made from two metal skewers approximately 10″ in length. The string is bright orange elastic cord so it is easy to get the cord taught and provides about 12 feet of alignment and will not easily tangle when wrapped back up for storage.

By placing the ball under the golf putting string, it is easy to see if the ball is under the eyes and provides a consistent reference for setup and stroke path. Three plastic beads that slide on the string provide a reference for stroke length.

If you want a quick and easy product for putting alignment and stroke path then the Bee Line is for you.


Dave Pelz O-Ball 3-PACK


O-Balls: The Putting Aid That “Talks” to You

O-Balls are a new putting aid that gives you instant feedback on your stroke. Simply place the O-Ball on the ground in front of your ball, align your putter with the O-Ball, and stroke the ball. If the O-Ball rolls straight, you know you made a square stroke. If the O-Ball veers off-line, you know you made a glancing stroke.

O-Balls are legal to play in all tournaments and are a great value for the price. They’re also small and lightweight, making them easy to carry in your golf bag.

Here are some of the benefits of using O-Balls:

  • They help you improve your alignment.
  • They allow you to develop a square stroke.
  • They allow you to eliminate glancing strokes.
  • They allow you to hole more putts.

If you’re looking for a putting aid that can help you improve your game, then O-Balls are the perfect choice for you.

Here are some additional details about O-Balls:

  • They are made of durable plastic that can withstand the rigors of the golf course.
  • They are available in a variety of colors to match your golf balls.
  • They come in a pack of 3, so you can always have one on hand.

O-Balls: The Putting Aid That Will Help You Hole More Putts.

Order your set of O-Balls today!


Dave Pelz Putting Tutor


Learn All The Skills To Better Putting In One Tool

The Dave Pelz Putting Tutor training aid is your all-in-one tool to putting better! This putting alignment tool’s unique design, trusted by Tour professionals, shows you how to putt on the proper line, improves green reading, squares the putter face to your aim line, and enhances your mechanics. Note: Ball not included.


  • Teaches you how to putt on the proper line
  • Improves your green reading skills
  • Squares the putter face to the aim line
  • Improves stroke mechanics
  • Three difficulty levels 


Dave Pelz Teacher Pointer

“The better you aim, the better you putt”

  • Golf pointer instantly shows putter aim
  • Promotes in-line stroke
  • Illuminates putter face rotation
  • Aim is first fundamental of good putting


Eyeline Classic Putting Mirror


This putting alignment mirror is perfect for checking all parts of your putting alignment and setup. Check your eyes, shoulders, putter face & more. Consistency is key! This golf putting mirror can help with your alignment, eye position and shoulder alignment.

The EyeLine Classic Putting Mirror is the base of the ORIGINAL Putting system and is the perfect tool for checking all parts of your putting alignment and setup. Measures approx. 10″ x 18″ and is made from acrylic with slots cut for guide tees.


No 3-Putt Cup Reducer



This golf cup reducer fits snugly inside the hole to make your practice cup smaller, and does not damage the green. Golf pros have long known the benefits of putting to a smaller putting target: many of them have used dimes on the green as they warmed up. The No 3 Putt Cup reducer has the added benefit of actually allowing you to hole putts, thereby experiencing the successful sound of the ball dropping into the hole.

The addition of the smaller inner ring make the hole even smaller, having the psychological effect of making a standard size hole seem much bigger than it actually is. This effect can be a very powerful confidence builder on those crucial two footers.


PELZ Player Putting Cup 2 Pack


PELZ Player Putting Cup 2 Pack With Pro Hole Reducers

The Dave PELZ Player Putting Cup can be used anywhere – both indoors and outdoors, to help improve your putting!

Package Contents:

2 x Teacher Putting Cups (regulation 4.25” Dia. Size)

2 sets  Pro hole reducers, attach one on each side of the cup to reduce the hole size to 3.75”

2 sets Super Pro hole reducers, leaving the Pro reducers in place, add a Super Pro reducer to each side and the cup width is reduced to 3.25” diameter. (WARNING: For Experts Only!)


Use the hole reducers to increase the difficulty level within your own practice sessions for starting your putts on-line, while maintaining good putting speed. Putting to a smaller hole is far superior practice compared to putting to a regulation  sized hole, as it teaches golfers to marry speed and line to find the perfect putt.


Perfect Roll Golf Balls – 2 Pack



With the Perfect Roll golf balls, nail your putt every time! The Perfect Roll balls allow you to see how “squarely” you hit the ball. If the visual aid lines are not straight, then mishit your putt. The roll reveals the quality of the putting stroke that hit it.

Help Identify the difference between good vs. Bad putting strokes, and improve green reading. 


Perfect Roll Mirror



Compact, low-profile putting mirror has all the basics to improve your putting. Our mirror is just 1/8” thick meaning your putter head and stroke aren’t elevated as with some other mirrors. The Perfect Roll Mirror measures 6” wide x 12” long so it will fit in your golf bag so you can practice at home or where you play. The beveled entry port makes it easy to roll a ball to the same fixed location every time. Develop sound setup and stroke mechanics that have you draining putt after putt.

The Perfect Roll Mirror includes tee holes for securing the mirror to the putting green if desired or can be used as stroke guides for putters with a 5 ½” head or smaller. White and green lines provide additional feedback on the stroke path and the squareness of your putter face and compliment the TrueSquare™ slots through the impact zone. Both the low-profile design and portability make this functional training mirror a perfect practice tool.


Putting Stick Pro


The Putting Stick is a patented golf training aid that helps you improve your putting stroke. It is made from high-quality materials and features an adjustable back-swing stop, a ball ramp, and an eye-alignment mirror. The Putting Stick provides precise visual feedback on your eye alignment, back-swing length, and stroke accuracy.

Benefits of using The Putting Stick:

  • Improve your eye alignment
  • Reduce your back-swing length
  • Improve your stroke accuracy
  • Eliminate common putting mistakes
  • Increase your putting confidence

Who can benefit from using The Putting Stick?

  • Golfers of all skill levels
  • Beginners who want to learn the fundamentals of putting
  • Experienced golfers who want to fine-tune their putting stroke
  • Tour players who want to stay sharp

How to use The Putting Stick:

  1. Set up the Putting Stick on the ground in front of you.
  2. Place a golf ball on the ball ramp.
  3. Take your putting stance and align your eyes with the mirror.
  4. Make your putting stroke.
  5. Observe the Putting Stick to see how well you aligned your eyes, back-swing length, and stroke accuracy.

Order your Putting Stick today and start improving your putting stroke!

Here are some additional benefits of using The Putting Stick:

  • It is easy to use and portable.
  • It is affordable.
  • It is backed by a satisfaction guarantee.


Putting Stroke Teacher


Improve Your Putting, Lower Your Score! Discover how “The Putting Stroke Teacher” is the perfect training aid to improve every golfer’s scores.

This very simple, user-friendly device is surprisingly effective at improving putting stroke by developing three key fundamentals. This timely golf putting stroke teacher training aid tops the competition at providing a quality and realistic learning experience. It certainly will provide a positive solution to all golfers affected by the rule change announced by the USGA and R & A, that bans anchoring of the putter from the game. 

“The Putting Stroke Teacher” training aid is designed to help golfers learn and practice 3 key fundamentals that are characteristic to all the great putters in the game. Why are these 3 fundamentals important for every golfer to incorporate into their chosen method of swinging a putter?

Fundamental 1 With a golfer in the playing position the line across the top of the forearms as well as across the front of the shoulders must be parallel to the aim line of the putter face.

Benefit: A golfer set up in the playing position will swing their hands and arms in front of their body naturally along the line of the upper body. As a golfer striving for positive results you want as many actions you execute to occur naturally with no manipulation and not too much thought. A golfer that aligns their shoulders other than parallel to the aim line of the putter face will definitely have to compensate someway during the swing to force the putter face back to the correct position at impact. “The Putting Stroke Teacher” helps the golfer to experience the feel of proper alignment for every putt.

Fundamental 2 To consistently roll the ball along the intended aim line the putter head must swing along the correct swing path every time. To repeat the same swing path consistently the golfer must position the putter shaft on the same plane angle for every putt.

Benefit: Benefit: Repeating the same shaft plane angle requires the golfer to set up in the same posture with their arms and hands in the same position for every putt. This naturally produces a repeating swing path of the putter head. “The Putting Stroke Teacher” training aid positions the golfer in the same posture with the same shaft plane angle for every putt. This naturally allows the putter head to swing on a repeating swing path.

Fundamental 3 In a proper putting stroke, a pendulum type swing motion of the putter is created by swinging the putter, hands, arms and shoulders in a single motion with no wrist hinging action.

Benefit: Creating a one piece swing motion with no independent wrist hinging action allows the putter face to remain square to the swing path of the putter head throughout the entire swing motion. This naturally returns the putter face square to the aim line at the point of impact. “The Putting Stroke Teacher” provides instant and effective feed back to the golfer as the rod rests across the top of the forearms. If the golfer ads even the slightest amount of wrist hinging the rod will slide along the forearms providing instant feedback.


Scratch Stick & Magnet


Scratch Stick: The evolution in golf alignment & Recording. Scratch Stick is a Patented multifunctional golf improvement tool that fits seamlessly into your golf bag. The primary function allows you to align full swing shots in the practice area or on course. Align your eyes with the mirror-finished putting stick to perfect your putting stroke. Use the video attachment to record your swing for personal or coach review or share with friends and followers on social media. Finally, simplify your tools and golf bag to clean up your strokes and score.


☑ Golf Alignment

☑ Monopod For Camera Phone

☑ Putting Aid


– Alignment Aid

– Putting Track

– Monopod Recording Stake

– Simulated Hole

– Phone Mount


The Connector

The Connector is a revolutionary golf training aid that helps you achieve optimal swing alignment and mechanics. Designed for golfers of all skill levels, this foam ball features three alignment rods that help you establish the correct setup position and maintain proper swing paths. The Connector also helps you maintain a perfect triangle with your wrists at impact, which ensures optimal clubface control and maximizes your potential for distance and accuracy.

The Connector is lightweight and portable, making it easy to take to the driving range, practice green, or even your backyard. Whether you’re a seasoned golfer looking to fine-tune your skills or a junior player eager to excel in the sport, the Connector is the ultimate training aid to help you reach your golfing goals.


  • Three alignment rods help you establish the correct setup position and maintain proper swing paths
  • Helps you maintain a perfect triangle with your wrists at impact
  • Lightweight and portable design
  • Suitable for golfers of all skill levels


  • Improved accuracy and consistency
  • Increased clubface control
  • Increased distance
  • Eliminated common faults
  • Improved performance on the course


The Putting Connection



The Putting Connection ”Deux” golf swing guide braces the arms together to create a perfect pendulum putting stroke where the arms, hands and putter are working together.

Note: This putting swing guide is the updated version of the product we used to manufacture called the Putt-Lock Putting Connection. It is a copy of the original product but functions the same with strong braces and more precise adjustments.

The product may be used for chipping and small pitch shots, but is ideally suited for putting.

The Putting Stick Home Suite!

HomePutt Mat, Putting Stick Pro (Blue), Perfect Roll Mirror + Balls, & No. 3 Putt Cup


Get the ultimate home putting set up now with the Home Putting Suite! Get all the tools needed to perfectly practice your putting from home! 

Save $75!

Bundle includes

  • Home Putt Putting Mat
  • Putting Stick Pro (Blue)
  • No.3 Putt Cup
  • Perfect Roll Putting Mirror
  • Perfect Roll Balls (2-Pack)