The Putting Arc Works Because…

  • It’s based upon natural body movement which can be quickly learned and repeated. Results can be seen in several days … Thousands of repetitions are not required to show a marked improvement.

  • The clubhead travels in a perfect circle (radius R) and the projection of this circle on the ground is an ellipse in the shape of the Putting Arc.

  • The putter is always ‘on plane’ (the sweet-spot/spinal pivot plane). The intersection of this plane with the ground is a straight line, the ball/target line.

  • The club face is always square to the above plane. It is only square to the ball target line at the center line of the Putting Arc. You are learning an inside-to-square-to-inside putting stroke.

  • In this perfect putting stroke, there is only one moving part. The hands, arms and shoulders rotate as one unit. No manipulation of the hands or arms is required to follow the correct path with a correct clubface. It happens automatically.

THE PUTTING ARC … is an Ellipse

In the most simple, perfect putting stroke, the putter head moves in a large, perfect circle on an inclined plane. When viewed from directly overhead, the heel and toe of the putter appear to move on an ellipse. The curve of the Putting Arc uses the math behind this ellipse, and that is why it has worked so well for so many golfers over the years. It has worked for golfers large and small, putters long and short, and face balanced and toe heavy putters.

The Putting Arc … is an Ellipse

The Putting Arc works because it guides the putter head in pure planar rotation about an axis which passes through the golfer’s spine, at the T3 vertebrae between the shoulders (the dashed line in fig. 1).

This means that the hands, wrists, elbows and shoulders all stay connected throughout the putting stroke. The Putting Arc has radial lines on its top. This important feature shows the correct clubface alignment at each point in the stroke. This alignment is just as important as the clubhead path.

Mathematically speaking the putter head actually moves in a perfect circle.

But since the axis of rotation is inclined relative to the putting surface the putter head motion projects onto putting surface as an ellipse. (Teaching pros if you don’t believe us, contact us about ‘Iron Archie’, a robot demonstrator/teaching aid that proves

The Putting Arc concept). This ellipse (the light colored shape in fig. 2) is the mathematical basis for The Putting Arc.

The actual dimensions of The Putting Arc ellipse are defined by the location of the center of rotation of the putter head. (This point is located on the golfers spine at the T3 vertebrae.) Suprisingly, the dimensions of The Putting Arc ellipse are similar for all average size golfers. There are only a few thousandths of an inch difference in ideal shape of The Putting Arc for a 5’4″ golfer and a 6’2″ golfer (assuming a typical putting stance). For golfers with unconventional stances or people who simply want an ideal match we can generate a custom Putting Arc. The custom Putting Arc will come precisely shaped to your dimensions along with a CAD plot showing the variation from the standard arc.