I recently ordered the putting arc because I’m a “less than average putter” and it’s very cold here! I figured I could play with it for a week or so and send it back if I didn’t like it. If nothing else it would give me something to do in the cold that’s golf related!

When The Putting Arc arrived in the mail today I got it out and took it to my indoor putting mat. After about 5 minutes I realized this is no gimmick and for the first time in my life I feel like I actually have a putting stroke! This is really an amazing product and is the first training aid I feel like actually works!

I’ll be keeping this thing long after the cold is gone here! Thanks for the help!


Aaron ManningLittle Rock, AR

Thanks for sending me the above training device. I had never given much thought to the putting stroke until I watched the video and started practicing with the device. What a difference ball position and arc of the stroke makes.

Right after I started working with it I played in the “Member-Guest” tournament at Southwind (TPC). I made putts from everywhere which really impressed my host. We were playing Ryder Cup (9) hole matches so every hole was important. We won the “pot” for low score on Saturday, (4) under par.

So, I’m really impressed with my new found putting stroke and wanted to thank you for sharing your new training aid with me. It’s made a big difference in my putting confidence.


Charles J. DotyRecreational Golfer

When asked how he heard about the Putting Arc, he replied, “…I used it and fell in love with it. It’s by far the best training tool I’ve ever used.”

Jason Michigan Golf Professional

I am a PGA Class A professional in Houston, Texas who is looking to make a career on the PGA Tour very shortly. I have always been a great ballstriker, but my putting was never good enough until now. I recently purchased the Putting Arc at Edwin Watts, and I have never made more putts in my life. In the past week, I have shot 68-67 without hitting the ball that well. The difference has been the Putting Arc for sure. I am making everything I look at. I just want to thank you guys for selling this awesome product. I will never travel without the Putting Arc in my bag.

Tim PoulosPGA Class A Golfer

Thanks for sending both versions of the putting arc.
You folks did a nice product presentation. Hope to get you folks an article on our e mail newsletter in the next few weeks…www.thegolfersnewsletter.net.

As far as the product:

I have been playing professionally for 24 years and I believe your product is a winner. The concept and the basis of the concept is of benefit for all golfers and all skill levels.

A product that has universal value is a true value and not many products have benefit you can measure for the novice as well as the professional.

I would recommend this product for any player who wants to putt with fewer putts and have a lower score.

Jeff ThomsenJeff Thomsen Signature Golf Academy

Thank you for your appreciation of my success. What a pleasant surprise at my doorstep! The week I received the new Putting Arc, after two days practicing, I had 24 putts in the second round and 21 putts in the third round at the PGA Champion course in West Palm.

Thank you for improving my golf game and best of luck with your company.

Thank you

Kyle DobbsProfessional Golfer

I used the Putting Arc for a short period of time and made a million dollars because of it.

Tommy Armour IIIPGA Tour Professional

You’ve heard of, and perhaps studied, the theories of golf teachers David Leadbetter, Butch Harmon, Hank Haney, Rick Smith and putting guru David Pelz. But you may not yet have encountered the work of a fellow whose discoveries are changing how the pros putt. His name is Apollonius of Perga. He lived from 260 to 190 BC, and he proved the existence of the shape or path known as an ellipse.

Never mind that the mathematician who was known as “the great geometer” lived some 1,700 years before anybody came up with the admittedly wacky notion of whacking a ball with a stick toward a hole in the ground—golf, that is.

The image of an elipse was obviously on the mind of teaching professional V.J. Trolio a few years ago. Trolio never believed that the ideal stroke was straight back from the ball and straight through it. He felt that the stroke was a miniature swing, and he began to study the matter by attaching a laser to a putter shaft. His observations led to the development of a training device called the Putting Arc.

Tommy Armour III won the 2003 Texas Open shortly after working with the Putting Arc. He set a PGA Tour scoring record of 254 that week and made 58 of 60 putts within 10 feet. In the process, he one-putted an astounding 35 greens. Jim Furyk, the 2003 U.S. Open champion, and Bob Tway, the 2003 Bell Canadian Open winner, are also rumoured to use the gizmo. Fellow tour pro Dana Quigley worked with the Arc prior to starting the 2003 Champions Tour and won his first event. “The Putting Arc has helped me a lot,” Quigley says. “It showed me my flaws and corrected my stroke.”

Elegant in design, the Putting Arc is basically a piece of wood in the shape of an ellipse. The golfer first sets the putter head down with the heel riding on the Arc. The idea is to swing along the Arc a few times without a ball. Follow the directions that come with the device, and soon you’ll be swinging the head of your putter along an arc while using a ball. You’ll develop a new feel of how the putter should move.

So don’t be a square start to finish. Go inside-square-inside. The Arc comes in three models that vary only in size, weight and portability. Work with it and you’ll learn to make putts the scientific way, just as Apollonius of Perga would if he were around today. I can attest to the Arc’s value. I’m putting with more freedom, and taking fewer strokes. This makes for a happy golfer.

Lorne RubensteinThe Globe and Mail, sports writer Canadian Newspaper

I am an LPGA player and just recently bought the Putting Arc. My coach had one, and I decided to buy one. I had been struggling with my putting for about a year and have tried many things.

I received the Arc 2 days before I left for my last event. I used it every day on the green and in the hotel room. I had maybe a couple of rounds where I had less than 30 putts this entire year. In the tournament last week I never had over 30 putts and had my best finish in 2 years (11th). I know it was because of the Putting Arc.

I just wanted to thank you for such a great product and let you know that I will be using it faithfully!!

J.H.LPGA player

Putting Arc,

Just wanted to let you know how The Putting Arc has helped our team. This past year we led all division I NCAA men’s golf teams with a 29.69 putts per round average. We were 11th in putts per green in regulation and 6th in total short game. It is a great training aid and we use it every day.

Thank you,

Jason PayneMen’s Golf Coach Mercer University